Michael McLeod, Co-Founder and Managing Director

Michael is responsible for managing the board, the overall strategy of UniGreenScheme and its multiple sales avenues. He also enjoys meeting clients, so is a regular at events and even the occasional university collection.


He co-founded UniGreenScheme whilst working as a post-graduate student at the University of Birmingham, and is now widely regarded for his entrepreneurship skills, and passion for waste prevention. He has won several awards such as the Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards (2016), and also featured in numerous TV, Radio and newspaper articles discussing the topics of entrepreneurship, waste prevention and sustainability.

Benjamin Glazier, Co-Founder and Financial Director

Ben is responsible primarily for leading the financial strategy of the business, but also play a significant role in leading the marketing strategy.


He co-founded UniGreenScheme whilst working as a professional business consultant for Business Wales in 2014. He has extensive experience in consulting for a range of businesses and also has a Chartered Institute of Marketing. Ben also manages an extensive property portfolio.

Jonny Michael, Head Advisor

Jonny provides consistent and professional advice across many areas of our business, from overcoming procurement challenges to penetrating new geographical areas.


He qualified as a chartered accountant working for Arthur Anderson and was head of corporate finance at the Wace Group Plc, a FTSE-250 company. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics. Jonny combines a rigorous attention to detail with imaginative thinking and creative problem-solving.

Nenad Denkov, Scotland Regional Manager
Kayleigh McLeod, Office Manager
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Adam Burston, Regional Business Manager
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Andrew McLeod, System Programmer
Amy Rolls, Sales Manager
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Robert Giles, Processing Supervisor
Samuel Creel, Collection Supervisor
Jonathan Poor, Stock Photographer & Processor
Liam Jones, Despatch Operative
Matthew Southway, Despatch Operative
Thomas Murray,  Stock Processor & Collection Agent
Ben Donovan, Stock Photographer & Processor
Jed Lewis, Stock Photographer & Processor
David Lewis, Warehouse Operative