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"How a Model Oil Rig was Saved by University Staff... and Found a New Home in Norway"

The Oil Rig - Now in its New Home

For Oliver Ireson, of the University of Birmingham's Centre for Learning Development, housing a very large scale model of an oil rig was not a good use of space. He needed to create space - fast, but nobody at the university wanted it.

Reluctant to throw this hand-crafted, 40 year old model in the skip, he was presented with a dilemma of what to do with it.

Fortunately, Oliver had used UniGreenScheme on a previous project and gave me a call to see if I was interested in taking it on.

We often collect obscure items and this seemed a great project. So, my team at UniGreenScheme came to the rescue and collected the item the same day.

"It was great to see the item out of the way, but not having to resort to disposal" - Oliver Ireson, UoB

After receiving several offers, a sale was agreed with a Norwegian photographer, an oil rig fanatic!

Through UniGreenScheme, the net balance to the University of Birmingham was £900 on an otherwise disused item and avoided its undeserved disposal.

In this project UniGreenScheme:

  • Saved the university 100kg unnecessary waste

  • Produced an unexpected £900 return for the University

  • Created valuable space for the University

  • Made a Norwegian man very happy

UniGreenScheme are used to dealing with obscure assets and recognising their potential value, so ask yourself:

Do you have an oil rig in your cupboard?

Let's get started! UniGreenScheme can help you realise the value in your surplus equipment, recoup space and boost your environmental credentials.

To find out how click here, or email us at

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